Kanade Yuzuriha
Kanji 杠 花奏
Rōmaji Yuzuriha Kanade
Aliases Alice (former), Cheshire
Gender Male
Birthday May 5th
Blood Type A
Height 156cm
Nationality Japanese
Personal Status
Occupation Student, Composer, Guitarist, Pianist
Class 1st year- A
Club Light Music Club, In NO Hurry To Shout
Relatives unnamed mother

unnamed father

Manga Chapter 1

Kanade Yuzuriha, or Yuzu, is a young composer who goes to the same high school as Momo and Nino. He is in a band called In NO Hurry To Shout. Yuzu has feelings for Nino Arisugawa although he does not want to tell her.

Personality Edit

When Yuzu is shy, he normally denies things that are being said about him even though it is clearly obvious to everyone else that he is just lying. When others are worried, he becomes straightforward and sometimes gives advice. Yuzu is sensitive when it comes to his height.

Appearance Edit

Yuzu has black unkempt hair that's tied loosely into a ponytail, piercing blue eyes and visibly long eyelashes, occasionally he is called eyelashes by Momo and Nino and makes comments about them. He has a rather short stature as noted by many characters.

Character Outline Edit

During his youth, he and Nino Arisugawa became friends. They met at the beach where he was writing music in the sand. He suffered from an illness in his throat that prevented him from singing. Every Wednesday Yuzu would sneak out of the hospital and go to the beach to write music to let out his passion. One day he met Nino who started singing the song he wrote amazed Yuzu he decided to call it "his voice". Yuzu was inspired by Nino's voice and told her to come back every Wednesday to sing his song. When Nino found out that Momo was never coming back she began screaming. Yuzu came rushing towards her and began singing to calm her down even though singing would cause permanent damage to the point of him never being able to sing. After singing to Nino that day Yuzu was transferred to another hospital but managed to write down a melody and his farewell for Nino.

Quotes Edit

"I found it, my voice..." - after hearing Nino sing his song

"That's too long! What a pain!! You can be Alice!!" - Yuzu giving Nino her nickname

"Alice, your voice will forever belong to me and me only"

Relationships Edit

Arisugawa Nino - He seems to be in love with Nino even using Miou as a substitute, he was only ever able to compose when pretending she was Nino or Alice as he calls her. Yuzu hopes Nino never meets Momo and becomes jealous at the mention of him. He is also possessive of her stating that her voice is his and no one else's.

Trivia Edit

  • He drinks a big carton of milk everyday
  • His height is 5'1 or '156' cm