Nino Arisugawa
Alice... Vocalist. Her appearance describes as "The Jet-Black Fruit". Her Favorite food is Negima.
Kanji 有栖川 仁乃
Rōmaji Arisugawa Nino
Aliases Alice
Gender Female
Height 165cm
Nationality Japanese
Personal Status
Occupation Vocalist
Class 1st year- A
Club Light Music Club

in NO hurry to shout

Relatives unnamed mother

unnamed father

Manga Chapter 1
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Nino Arisugawa (有栖川 仁乃 Arisugawa Nino) is the main protagonist of the manga Fukumenkei Noise. She also go by the name Alice in Inohari.


Nino is shown to be a good person who's passionate about her music. She tends to not listen to anyone at anytime; often changing the subject of the conversation altogether.

Character OutlineEdit

Although inattentive and often zoned-out, Arisugawa Nino is very passionate about her singing.

Growing up, she and her childhood friend Momo Sakaki would often sing with each other, usually to drown out the sounds of their parents arguing; however, right after the shock of Momo's disappearance, Nino stopped singing and began having the constant urge to shout instead. Unable to control herself, she began wearing a surgical mask. Later after meeting a boy named Yuzu, Nino was given new faith in her voice, and when Yuzu left, Nino began to hope that one day her singing would bring both Momo and Yuzu back.


"Momo-kun, let's sing!!!" - first words of the manga.

"When I'm with Momo, I'm invincible!"

"My voice will forever belong to Momo and only Momo"

Relationships Edit

Momo SakakiEdit

He is Nino's childhood best friend, past neighbor, and first love. In their childhood, he always sings with Nino even though his voice is not that good to begin with. He secretly composed all his songs dedicated to Nino.

Kanade YuzurihaEdit

He is the one Nino met at the beach when they were young and the one who gave Nino the nickname "Alice." One day he just stopped coming at the beach. After a few years, he met Nino again in high school, and he's still deeply in love with her. Nino is the inspiration to all of his songs.


  • Her favorite foods are Negima (a type of Yakitori or grilled chicken skewer made with chicken thighs and spring onions) and Bonjiri (meat from the butt of a chicken, served as Yakitori).
  • Nino, is said to be '165 cm' 5.5"0