Ryōko Fukuyama
Kanji 福山 リョウコ
Rōmaji Fukuyama Ryōko
Place of Birth Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Mangaka
Gender Female
Birthday January 5
Ryōko Fukuyama (福山 リョウコ Fukuyama Ryōko) is a Japanese Mangaka Artist. She graduated in Chūō University.[1] Her most notable work is Nousatsu Junkie and Fukumenkei Noise.


She wanted to become a manga-ka at the young age of seven. During her college years, she won a manga prize by sending her work to Hana to Yume, which was promptly followed by her debut as a manga-ka. Right now her latest work, Nousatsu Junkie, is the #1 most popular manga in the Chinese version of Hana to Yume magazine (licensed by Tongli Publishing).[2]

Award WinningsEdit


Charming Junkie (悩殺ジャンキー Nōsatsu jankī)- all 16 volumes completed

Monochrome Boys and Girls (モノクロ少年少女 Monokuro shōnen shōjo)- all 12 volumes completed

Shinzou ga Tarinai (心臓が足りない Shinzō ga tarinai)- Initial Short Stories

Unmasked Noise (覆面系ノイズ Fukumen-kei noizu)- 5 volumes published (Ongoing)


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